We believe in mushrooms.

We believe in the tremendous healing power that has been known to indigenous cultures for centuries and has recently been further understood and validated through scientific research. We believe in bringing products of the highest quality that not only benefit us as individuals, but also lead to a greater global connectedness. We live in a time when wellness of body and mind, and care of spirit, are of paramount importance and value to lead fulfilling lives. Through Natural Mystic Distro, we hope to further the idea that within the circle of life, nature is central to helping us all become one.

Our Tinctures

In efforts to uphold the best quality and standards, all of our products are gluten-free, non-GMO, pesticides-free, and herbicide-free. Each formula includes USP grade organic alcohol, organic mushrooms, as well as organic myceliated brown rice (used to ‘feed’ the fungi). Furthermore, all packages are light resistant to ensure the shelf-life of the tinctures.